CityLine Students — September 2022

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Prayer for this year, and your family

Hi Parents! I am extremely thankful for you and the work that you do within your homes to raise your child in the way of the Lord. We know that the back to school transition can be extremely difficult and a huge adjustment for you and your children. We are praying for all the families in our church, BUT if you have a specific request for your family, please reply to this email or fill out a request in our “church center” app so that we can intercede in prayer for you and your family. Sincerely, Pastor Will (773) 383-2874

Sunday Night Ministry – KICKOFF

We are back to SUNDAY NIGHTS, THIS WEEKEND. From 5pm – 7pm, we will be gathering for a time to equip our students in Loving God, Loving people, and Making disciples, for the glory of God.-We are excited to get back into our normal rhythm of worshiping the Lord, working through sermon series, and getting into small groups. Please pray that the Lord blesses these efforts! We are going to be working through some new and exciting content that you can read about below!

Sermon Series

We love teaching students the word of God! We want to do it in a way that is inspiring, engaging, and practical!

Over the next year, we will be working through chapter by chapter studies of some new testament books, and some old testament books. After studying a new testament epistle(Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, etc), we will go to an old testament teaching of the books of the prophets (i.e. Jonah, Daniel, Haggai, etc). From there, we will rotate back and forth as we study the epistles and prophets. This will take some time (up to 2 years),as we believe in teaching the whole counsel of God’s word to our students!

Community Group Study


Community groups are such a great chance to discuss and process God’s word and life’s challenges in a safe space. We will be doing just that with a few new curriculums for our students to work through this year.

Junior High:

  • Small group time – Message Discussion & deeper study (Observe scripture /Interact / Discuss)
  • Take Home – Old Testament Worksheets (Scripture reading and simple question sto answer)

High School:

  • Small Group Time
    • Dark Room Faith Conversations-An engaging study of some of life’s most important topics (doubt, sex, suffering, religion, and more) and how to process and think through them with a biblical worldview. The goal of this will be to create a space for high school students to think through and wrestle with these issues together and with guidance from an adult leader. There will be additional trusted resources provided for them, along with materials that you can work through with them. We believe this will be extremely fruitful for our students and this ministry.-
    • Here is a link to Dark Room Faith’s website:
  • Take Home – We have put together a bible reading plan that will help our high school students read through the entire new testament in 2 years and the old testament in 2 years. We pray that they will read the whole Bible in 4 years with the accountability of their leaders and their small group!


Fall Calendar

We know the fall calendars are already filling up! So, we want to make sure you mark all the dates and special dates of student ministry! If you have not gotten a physical magnet yet, grab one from church next week, and check out the digital copy below, in the meantime!